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Publications INCR 2012


A Web-based tool for personalized prediction of long-term disease course in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Galea I, Lederer C, Neuhaus A, Muraro PA, Scalfari A, Koch-Henriksen N, Heesen C, Koepke S, Stellmann P, Albrecht H, Winkelmann A, Weber F, Bahn E, Hauser M, Edan G, Ebers G, Daumer M.
Eur J Neurol. 2012 Dec 7.

A comprehensive framework for the detection of individual brain perfusion abnormalities using arterial spin labeling. Maumet C, Maurel P, Ferré JC, Barillot C. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2012;15(Pt 3):542-9.

Disability in patients consulting for anxiety or mood disorders in primary care: response to antidepressant treatment. Gérard A, Liard F, Crochard A, Goni S, Millet B.Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2012;8:605-14. 

Generalized anxiety disorder is under-recognized in clinical practice in patients with alcohol dependence in France. Charriau V, Elyakoubi M, Millet B, Drapier D, Robin D, Moirand R.Alcohol. 2012 Oct 15. pii: S0741-8329(12)00154-1.


Alemtuzumab for patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis after disease-modifying therapy: a randomised controlled phase 3 trial.
Coles AJ, Twyman CL, Arnold DL, Cohen JA, Confavreux C, Fox EJ, Hartung HP, Havrdova E, Selmaj KW, Weiner HL, Miller T, Fisher E, Sandbrink R, Lake SL, Margolin DH, Oyuela P, Panzara MA, Compston DA; CARE-MS II investigators.
Lancet. 2012 Nov 24;380(9856):1829-39.

Anatomo-clinical atlases correlate clinical data and electrode contact coordinates: Application to subthalamic deep brain stimulation.
Lalys F, Haegelen C, Mehri M, Drapier S, Vérin M, Jannin P.
J Neurosci Methods. 2012 Nov 9.


Generalized anxiety disorder is under-recognized in clinical practice in patients with alcohol dependence in France.
Charriau V, Elyakoubi M, Millet B, Drapier D, Robin D, Moirand R.
Alcohol. 2012 Oct 15. pii: S0741-8329(12)00154-1. 


[Apathy and deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease].
Lozachmeur C, Drapier D. Rev Neurol (Paris). 2012 Aug-Sep;168(8-9):620-3. doi: 10.1016/j.neurol.2012.06.011

A French observational study of botulinum toxin use in the management of children with cerebral palsy: BOTULOSCOPE.
Chaléat-Valayer E, Parratte B, Colin C, Denis A, Oudin S, Bérard C, Bernard JC, Bourg V, Deleplanque B, Dulieu I, Evrard P, Filipetti P, Flurin V, Gallien P, Héron-Long B, Hodgkinson I, Husson I, Jaisson-Hot I, Maupas E, Meurin F, Monnier G, Pérennou D, Pialoux B, Quentin V, Moreau MS, Schneider M, Yelnik A, Marque P.
Eur J Paediatr Neurol. 2011 Sep;15(5):439-48.

[Obsessive-compulsive disorder, a new model of basal ganglia dysfunction? Elements from deep brain stimulation studies].
Haynes WI, Millet B, Mallet L.
Rev Neurol (Paris). 2012 Aug

Non-homogeneous effect of levodopa on inhibitory circuits in Parkinson's disease and dyskinesia.
Barbin L, Leux C, Sauleau P, Meyniel C, Nguyen JM, Pereon Y, Damier P.
Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2012 Sep 20.

Apathy in patients with Parkinson disease without dementia or depression: A PET study.
Robert G, Le Jeune F, Lozachmeur C, Drapier S, Dondaine T, Péron J, Travers D, Sauleau P, Millet B, Vérin M, Drapier D.
Neurology. 2012 Sep 11;79(11):1155-60. 

Alteration of global workspace during loss of consciousness: A study of parietal seizures.
Lambert I, Arthuis M, McGonigal A, Wendling F, Bartolomei F.
Epilepsia. 2012 Sep 27.

Transcranial Current Brain Stimulation (tCS):Models and Technologies.
Ruffini G, Wendling F, Merlet I, Molaee-Ardekani B, Mekkonen A, Salvador R, Soria-Frisch A, Grau C, Dunne S, Miranda P.
IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2012 Sep 4.

Placebo-controlled phase 3 study of oral BG-12 for relapsing multiple sclerosis.
Gold R, Kappos L, Arnold DL, Bar-Or A, Giovannoni G, Selmaj K, Tornatore C, Sweetser MT, Yang M, Sheikh SI, Dawson KT; DEFINE Study Investigators.
N Engl J Med. 2012 Sep 20;367(12):1098-107.

EIF4G1 in familial Parkinson's disease: pathogenic mutations or rare benign variants?
Lesage S, Condroyer C, Klebe S, Lohmann E, Durif F, Damier P, Tison F, Anheim M, Honoré A, Viallet F, Bonnet AM, Ouvrard-Hernandez AM, Vidailhet M, Durr A, Brice A; French Parkinson's Disease Genetics Study Group.
Neurobiol Aging. 2012 Sep;33(9):2233.e1-2233.e5. 


Functional arterial spin labeling: Optimal sequence duration for motor activation mapping in clinical practice.
Raoult H, Ferré JC, Petr J, Bannier E, Stamm A, Barillot C, Gauvrit JY.
J Magn Reson Imaging. 2012 Aug 24.

3D Rigid Registration of Intraoperative Ultrasound and Preoperative MR Brain Images Based on Hyperechogenic Structures.
Coupé P, Hellier P, Morandi X, Barillot C.

Clinical and radiological characteristics in multiple sclerosis patients with large cavitary lesions.
Renard D, Brochet B, Vukusic S, Edan G, Deburghgraeve V, Goizet C, Dupuy D, Touze E, Deschamps R, Zephyr H, Creange A, Castelnovo G, Boespflug-Tanguy O, Labauge P.
Eur Neurol. 2012;68(3):156-61.

[Apathy neural bases in neurodegenerative disorders].
Robert G, Lozachmeur C, Le Jeune F, Vérin M, Drapier D.
Rev Neurol (Paris). 2012 Aug;168(8-9):605-19.

Vérin M.
Rev Neurol (Paris). 2012 Aug;168(8-9):567.

[Psychogenic movement disorders].
Drapier S, Vérin M.
Rev Neurol (Paris). 2012 Aug;168(8-9):662-7.

'Clinically definite benign multiple sclerosis', an unwarranted conceptual hodgepodge: evidence from a 30-year observational study.
Leray E, Coustans M, Le Page E, Yaouanq J, Oger J, Edan G.
Mult Scler. 2012 Aug 2.

Characterization of short white matter fiber bundles in the central area from diffusion tensor MRI.
Magro E, Moreau T, Seizeur R, Gibaud B, Morandi X.
Neuroradiology. 2012 Aug 2.

Localized hypertrophic neuropathy of the sciatic nerve in children: MRI findings.
Roux A, Tréguier C, Bruneau B, Marin F, Riffaud L, Violas P, Michel A, Gandon Y, Gauvrit JY.
Pediatr Radiol. 2012 Aug;42(8):952-8.


There is no such thing as a mild MS relapse. The mild relapse is an Anglo-Saxon delusion - Yes.
Edan G.
Mult Scler. 2012 Jul;18(7):927-9.

Predictive nature of IgM anti-α-glucose serum biomarker for relapse activity and EDSS progression in CIS patients: a BENEFIT study analysis.
Freedman M, Metzig C, Kappos L, Polman Ch, Edan G, Hartung HP, Miller D, Montalban X, Yarden J, Spector L, Fire E, Dotan N, Schwenke S, Lanius V, Sandbrink R, Pohl C.
Mult Scler. 2012 Jul;18(7):966-73.

A cognitive engineering framework for the specification of information requirements in medical imaging: application in image-guided neurosurgery.
Morineau T, Morandi X, Le Moëllic N, Jannin P.
Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2012 Jul 13.

A revised classification of the temporal branches of the posterior cerebral artery.
Haegelen C, Berton E, Darnault P, Morandi X.
Surg Radiol Anat. 2012 Jul;34(5):385-91.

Interictal spikes, fast ripples and seizures in partial epilepsies - combining multi-level computational models with experimental data.
Wendling F, Bartolomei F, Mina F, Huneau C, Benquet P.
Eur J Neurosci. 2012 Jul;36(2):2164-77.

Beta reactivity, prospective facilitation of executive processing, and its dependence on dopaminergic therapy in Parkinson's disease.
Oswal A, Litvak V, Sauleau P, Brown P.
J Neurosci. 2012 Jul 18;32(29):9909-16.

Erratum to: Follow-up of coiled intracranial aneurysms: comparison of 3D time-of-flight and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography at 3T in a large, prospective series.
Pierot L, Portefaix C, Boulin A, Gauvrit JY.
Eur Radiol. 2012 Jul 14.

Using CSF biomarkers to replicate genetic associations in Alzheimer's disease.
Schott JM; ADNI Investigators.
Neurobiol Aging. 2012 Jul;33(7):1486.e9-15.


Responsiveness of the motor function measure in neuromuscular diseases. 
Vuillerot C, Payan C, Girardot F, Fermanian J, Iwaz J, Bérard C, Ecochard R; MFM Study Group. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2012 Dec;93(12):2251-6.e1.

Changes in interictal spike features precede the onset of temporal lobe epilepsy.
Chauvière L, Doublet T, Ghestem A, Siyoucef SS, Wendling F, Huys R, Jirsa V, Bartolomei F, Bernard C.
Ann Neurol. 2012 Jun;71(6):805-14.

Follow-Up of Coiled Intracranial Aneurysms: Comparison of 3D Time-of-Flight MR Angiography at 3T and 1.5T in a Large Prospective Series.
Pierot L, Portefaix C, Gauvrit JY, Boulin A.
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2012 Jun 7.

[Treatment initiation in psychotic and manic episodes: French attitudes collected by Focus Group].
Benoit M, Bellivier F, Llorca PM, Millet B, Passamar M, Schwan R, Marty L, Cailhol L, Giordana B, Naudet F, Samalin L, Tadri M, Yon L, Hacques E, Moreau-Mallet V.
Encephale. 2012 Jun;38(3):266-73.


Relapse and disability outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis treated with fingolimod: subgroup analyses of the double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled FREEDOMS study.
Devonshire V, Havrdova E, Radue EW, O'Connor P, Zhang-Auberson L, Agoropoulou C, Häring DA, Francis G, Kappos L; FREEDOMS study group.
Lancet Neurol. 2012 May;11(5):420-8.

Identification of VPS35 mutations replicated in French families with Parkinson disease.
Lesage S, Condroyer C, Klebe S, Honoré A, Tison F, Brefel-Courbon C, Dürr A, Brice A; French Parkinson's Disease Genetics Study Group.
Neurology. 2012 May 1;78(18):1449-50.

Towards a left MTL specialization for arbitrary-associative learning? A multiple-case study.
Jonin PY, Noel A, Trebon P, Vichard H, Merck C, Belliard S.
Behav Neurol. 2012 May 24.

Nontraumatic spinal epidural hematoma during pregnancy: diagnosis and management concerns.
Henry JB, Messerer M, Thomas V, Diabira S, Morandi X, Hamlat A.
Spinal Cord. 2012 May 29.

Neuron to astrocyte communication via cannabinoid receptors is necessary for sustained epileptiform activity in rat hippocampus.
Coiret G, Ster J, Grewe B, Wendling F, Helmchen F, Gerber U, Benquet P.
PLoS One. 2012;7(5):e37320.

Improving quality of arterial spin labeling MR imaging at 3 Tesla with a 32-channel coil and parallel imaging.
Ferré JC, Petr J, Bannier E, Barillot C, Gauvrit JY.
J Magn Reson Imaging. 2012 May;35(5):1233-9.

Endovascular treatment of inferior petrosal sinus dural arteriovenous fistula via percutaneous puncture of the superior ophthalmic vein.
Gentric JC, Ferré JC, Raoult H, Eugène F, Gauvrit JY.
J Neuroradiol. 2012 May 31.

Follow-up of coiled intracranial aneurysms: comparison of 3D time-of-flight and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography at 3T in a large, prospective series.
Pierot L, Portefaix C, Boulin A, Gauvrit JY.
Eur Radiol. 2012 May 9.


Effects of interferon beta-1b on cognitive performance in patients with a first event suggestive of multiple sclerosis.
Penner IK, Stemper B, Calabrese P, Freedman MS, Polman CH, Edan G, Hartung HP, Miller DH, Montalbán X, Barkhof F, Pleimes D, Lanius V, Pohl C, Kappos L, Sandbrink R.
Mult Scler. 2012 Apr 4.

Markers of recurrence and long-term morbidity in craniopharyngioma: a systematic analysis of 171 patients.
Gautier A, Godbout A, Grosheny C, Tejedor I, Coudert M, Courtillot C, Jublanc C, De Kerdanet M, Poirier JY, Riffaud L, Sainte-Rose C, Van Effenterre R, Brassier G, Bonnet F, Touraine P; Craniopharyngioma Study Group.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2012 Apr;97(4):1258-67

Cerebral microdialysis effects of propofol versus midazolam in severe traumatic brain injury.
Tanguy M, Seguin P, Laviolle B, Bleichner JP, Morandi X, Malledant Y.
J Neurotrauma. 2012 Apr 10;29(6):1105-10. Epub 2012 Feb 3.

Transcranial direct-current stimulation modulates synaptic mechanisms involved in associative learning in behaving rabbits.
Márquez-Ruiz J, Leal-Campanario R, Sánchez-Campusano R, Molaee-Ardekani B, Wendling F, Miranda PC, Ruffini G, Gruart A, Delgado-García JM.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Apr 24;109(17):6710-5.

Modeling of the neurovascular coupling in epileptic discharges.
Voges N, Blanchard S, Wendling F, David O, Benali H, Papadopoulo T, Clerc M, Bénar C.
Brain Topogr. 2012 Apr;25(2):136-56.


Placebo-controlled trial of oral laquinimod for multiple sclerosis.
Comi G, Jeffery D, Kappos L, Montalban X, Boyko A, Rocca MA, Filippi M; ALLEGRO Study Group.
N Engl J Med. 2012 Mar 15;366(11):1000-9.

Corticospinal tractography with morphological, functional and diffusion tensor MRI: a comparative study of four deterministic algorithms used in clinical routine.
Seizeur R, Wiest-Daessle N, Prima S, Maumet C, Ferre JC, Morandi X.
Surg Radiol Anat. 2012 Mar 18.

Automated segmentation of basal ganglia and deep brain structures in MRI of Parkinson's disease.
Haegelen C, Coupé P, Fonov V, Guizard N, Jannin P, Morandi X, Collins DL.
Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2012 Mar 18.

Distinct hyperexcitability mechanisms underlie fast ripples and epileptic spikes.
Demont-Guignard S, Benquet P, Gerber U, Biraben A, Martin B, Wendling F.
Ann Neurol. 2012 Mar;71(3):342-52.

Mechanisms of physiological and epileptic HFO generation.
Jefferys JG, Menendez de la Prida L, Wendling F, Bragin A, Avoli M, Timofeev I, Lopes da Silva FH.
Prog Neurobiol. 2012 Mar 7.

Rhinal-hippocampal interactions during déjà vu.
Bartolomei F, Barbeau EJ, Nguyen T, McGonigal A, Régis J, Chauvel P, Wendling F.
Clin Neurophysiol. 2012 Mar;123(3):489-95.


Risk stratification for progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in patients treated with natalizumab.
Sørensen PS, Bertolotto A, Edan G, Giovannoni G, Gold R, Havrdova E, Kappos L, Kieseier BC, Montalban X, Olsson T.
Mult Scler. 2012 Feb;18(2):143-52.

Emotional processing in Parkinson's disease: a systematic review.
Péron J, Dondaine T, Le Jeune F, Grandjean D, Vérin M.
Mov Disord. 2012 Feb;27(2):186-99. 

[French brain tumor database: general results on 40,000 cases, main current applications and future prospects].
Zouaoui S, Rigau V, Mathieu-Daudé H, Darlix A, Bessaoud F, Fabbro-Peray P, Bauchet F, Kerr C, Fabbro M, Figarella-Branger D, Taillandier L, Duffau H, Trétarre B, Bauchet L; Société française de neurochirurgie (SFNC) et le Club de neuro-oncologie de la SFNC; Société française de neuropathologie (SFNP); Association des neuro-oncologues d'expression française (ANOCEF).
Neurochirurgie. 2012 Feb;58(1):4-13.

Anterior screw fixation of type IIB odontoid fractures in octogenarians.
Hénaux PL, Cueff F, Diabira S, Riffaud L, Hamlat A, Brassier G, Morandi X.
Eur Spine J. 2012 Feb;21(2):335-9.

Images in clinical medicine. Post-traumatic herniated cervical disk.
Diabira S, Morandi X.
N Engl J Med. 2012 Feb 2;366(5):462.

Effects of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on cortical activity: A computational modeling study.
Molaee-Ardekani B, Márquez-Ruiz J, Merlet I, Leal-Campanario R, Gruart A, Sánchez-Campusano R, Birot G, Ruffini G, Delgado-García JM, Wendling F.
Brain Stimul. 2012 Feb 28.

Recording of fast activity at the onset of partial seizures: depth EEG vs. scalp EEG.
Cosandier-Rimélé D, Bartolomei F, Merlet I, Chauvel P, Wendling F.
Neuroimage. 2012 Feb 15;59(4):3474-87.

Relationships between recent intraplaque hemorrhage and stroke risk factors in patients with carotid stenosis: the HIRISC study.
Turc G, Oppenheim C, Naggara O, Eker OF, Calvet D, Lacour JC, Crozier S, Guegan-Massardier E, Hénon H, Neau JP, Toussaint JF, Mas JL, Méder JF, Touzé E; HIRISC study investigators.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2012 Feb;32(2):492-9.

[Study on how schizophrenic patients perceive treatment with injections in the deltoid muscle].
Millet B, Gourevitch R, Levoyer D, Parmentier G, Joly C.
Encephale. 2012 Feb;38(1):97-103.


Apomorphine infusion in advanced Parkinson's patients with subthalamic stimulation contraindications.
Drapier S, Gillioz AS, Leray E, Péron J, Rouaud T, Marchand A, Vérin M.
Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2012 Jan;18(1):40-4. 

Theory of mind impairments in patients with semantic dementia.
Duval C, Bejanin A, Piolino P, Laisney M, de La Sayette V, Belliard S, Eustache F, Desgranges B.
Brain. 2012 Jan;135(Pt 1):228-41. 

What happens to personal identity when semantic knowledge degrades? A study of the self and autobiographical memory in semantic dementia.
Duval C, Desgranges B, de La Sayette V, Belliard S, Eustache F, Piolino P.
Neuropsychologia. 2012 Jan;50(2):254-65. 

The 2008-2012 French Alzheimer plan: description of the national Alzheimer information system.
Le Duff F, Develay AE, Quetel J, Lafay P, Schück S, Pradier C, Robert P; French National Alzheimer dataBank (BNA).
J Alzheimers Dis. 2012;29(4):891-902.

3D Rigid Registration of Intraoperative Ultrasound and Preoperative MR Brain Images Based on Hyperechogenic Structures.
Coupé P, Hellier P, Morandi X, Barillot C.
Int J Biomed Imaging. 2012;2012:531319.

An anthropomorphic polyvinyl alcohol brain phantom based on Colin27 for use in multimodal imaging.
Chen SJ, Hellier P, Marchal M, Gauvrit JY, Carpentier R, Morandi X, Collins DL.
Med Phys. 2012 Jan;39(1):554-6

Using CSF biomarkers to replicate genetic associations in Alzheimer's disease.
Schott JM; ADNI Investigators.
Neurobiol Aging. 2012 Jul;33(7):1486.e9-15. 

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